Welcome to L. Ruth Designs, the online hub for all of my online ventures.  Some of these have been around for a while, others are just beginning.  I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


My first blog, Li’l B’s Ramblings, is a chronicle of my travels while serving in the U.S. Navy and I keep it up to date (on my new blog site) with new pictures and the stories of my travels.  My Flickr page is where you’ll find more pictures of my travels.  You can also buy some of the images I’ve taken on some products in my Cafepress store.


My second blog is designed for science fiction writers and named the Writer’s Journey.  There I talk about many aspects of writing such as how to create settings like new planets, space ships, and real settings as well as how to get your book published and tips on revising your story for publishing.


My first website is Li’l B’s Works, a site devoted to my fiction writings and a place for me to get beta readers for my short stories or chapters.  Due to commitments at work and starting up my other projects as well as writer’s block, I haven’t been doing my fiction writing and have nothing but ideas at the moment.


My second website is a site about the American Civil War.  I plan to eventually have a number of blogs on the site from differing perspectives on the war but at the moment I only have a blog about things a soldier would know about and could write home to his family about.


My third project is my jewelry store on Etsy, Lydia’s Magical Kingdom, opened at the beginning of 2012 as well as a blog for the store.  The store is designed to feed the addiction I have to buy beads and create jewelry even though I don’t wear much jewelry.  I’m looking forward to learning new techniques and discovering stories from history and my imagination to turn into jewelry.


My Craft Corner is a place I can talk about the crafts and techniques I work on that are not directly related to my store.  I’ll also be finding cool crafts on the internet and showing them to my readers.  Come and join if you want to see interesting crafts and see how some of them were created.


My other blog, Lydr’s Thoughts, is a blog about my development as a web designer and what I learn about running my websites as a business online.


I hope you enjoy my projects and keep an eye on my growth.