A few months ago I wrote about some new ideas I had, especially during November.  I’m not surprised that nothing came of them.  I have focused on schoolwork, television shows, and books for the last few months so nothing has gotten done business wise.  I now have two weeks left of school so I really should focus on my papers and tests.  Instead I’m reading up on social media tips and wanting to start a hundred different ideas at once.

Yesterday I started moving into my apartment in town and this summer I will be studying Latin for a month, accounting for a month, and public speaking during both those months.  Between school ending in May and starting again in June, I’ll have two weeks in which time I should get a part-time job since my savings is running rather low and I want to jump-start my blogs, starting with my travel blog and the various stores connected, like Cafepress. I’m also looking into starting a freelance writing business.  I joined a group that claimed I could make a few thousand dollars for one page of typing only to find out it is a specialized version of copywriting.  I’ll try it on the side for the summer.  I hope that by the end of the summer I can quit my part-time job to focus on school and my own business projects.  I get enough to cover the basics through the GI Bill but I want money on the side to pay for traveling and create a nice nest egg for after college.

Speaking of college, I think I may be focusing more on being a conservator on digs or in museums rather than a simple historian but I’ve still got a few years to decide and I’m not sure if history will be my career or if I’ll have it as my hobby while my business pays the bills.

To add to my many decisions, I want to try and restart my Etsy business in August between college semesters while I’m traveling to see my family.

So many dreams, so many ideas, and only so much time and motivation. I’ll have to see what actually gets done.  Now I need to get lunch then write a 4-5 page rough draft for English tomorrow and revise an 8-10 page paper for archeology class that is currently only 4 pages long. What fun…