Wow, this is kinda sad.  It’s been months since I’ve updated this blog or most of my other blogs.  I have managed to be slightly more active on my travel blog but not much.  Okay, I’m out of the Navy, which means I have no 8 or 9 hour a day job yet get paid for three more months (thank you, God, for terminal leave).  I have no major excuse for not doing my blogs.  Hopefully I can get at least 20 “billable” hours a week on my business.  By billable I mean that obviously I can’t bill myself, nor do I have the income to pay myself anything.  However, I will keep track of my time spent on purely business things, such as creating blog posts, creating my business plans and marketing strategies, and writing articles.  Sounds good, sounds easy, right?  Yeah, it is now 5:31 pm and I have barely 3 billable hours today.  My huge project to get done today is a travel post finishing up a day trip I took two months ago (roughly).  I’ve had it halfway ready to post for about two weeks now.  Yeah, I’m maybe halfway done and really restless.  I knew traveling alone would be hard since I don’t have many people here who would like to see me (the one person who says they want to get together with me is near impossible to pin down) but I thought it would be fun.  It is rather fun to be here but I need roots.  I’ve been traveling of sorts since the beginning of this month.  (It seems long but I’m including the stress of two moving days plus nearly a full week spent cleaning my house, packing my bags for the plane and throwing out what didn’t fit, then the poorly planed plane trip and figuring out my place and the rules of a place I only stayed for a week.)  For someone who doesn’t like uncertainty, it has been an annoying month.  Okay, I rambling and procrastinating my blog post so I need to go.  I hoped to get 8 hours of work in today (Monday) and 4 the next 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  That would give me 16 hours before traveling on Thursday and settling into “my” new place Friday and Saturday.  4 hours of work over 2 days shouldn’t be too hard.  We’ll see how this works as my 8 hours of work has so far been about 3 and a half.  I need to find some way to work and play because the stress of not getting my work done means I can’t enjoy my “play”/procrastinating.  That’s all for now, I’ll see you again soon (I hope).

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