Sorry it’s been so long since I updated this.   Over a month, wow.

Anyway, I haven’t done much in that month but I have in the last week.  I published a new lens on Squidoo about how I’ll adjust this year’s Halloween costume to be awesome next year and finally published my bio lens on there.

I also started a new blog tonight.  Do I need a new blog?  No, not really but it will serve as an external source of motivation to redo my Etsy store.  It’s been nearly a year and I’ve barely touched the store, let alone made any money from it.  I hope to have it ready to market ( meaning something I’m proud to show off and even willing to advertise) by the new year at latest.  It also could give me a blog to try various blog marketing ideas for while I work on my store.  I don’t plan to keep the blog up very much once my store is set up but I may add a tip a week or month, depending on my traffic.  However, the blog is a free way to keep all my thoughts and tips in one place without buying another website or notebook I may loose in my house somewhere.   It may also help other store owners get better or store owner wannabes take that final leap to their own store with confidence.   Combining Etsy business with online business is something I’m interested in and will be working in for a long time, I hope.

I also signed up for the SATs in January.  I found out that Kansas University is still accepting applications and looks like just what I need.   I may get into college next fall yet.  First I need to apply and take the SATs though.  We’ll see how that goes.


Speaking of the SATs, I decided to set myself some goals: 500 typed words everyday (means I get something done or started each day and teach myself to type correctly instead of with one hand), a half hour a day each of ESWAS and studying for the SAT, and 10 minutes a day of working out.  It looks like at least my old chief will try to keep me accountable for a month (the amount of time I’ll post it on my facebook page) and hopefully I’ll get things done and start checking things off my to-do list soon.  Well, I got my words typed, the work out done, and half my ESWAS studying done.  Now for more ESWAS and SATs.  “Night