I’ve had an interesting week at work.  We pulled back into home port and are preparing for the ship’s version of home renovations so I’ll be cleaning, grinding paint off metal and repainting a lot over the next few months as well as working out and trying to finish my big certification before my vacation.  I’m having trouble finding time to force myself to study now that I have no restrictions to the internet and have my time back at night.  It is amazing to have my own space again without worrying about interrupting anyone or someone calling me to fix my system or do something else work related at any hour of the day.  Now I just need to find the motivation to organize my house again after moving in and study for my certification as well as keep my blogs up to date when I have the distractions of possible craft projects as well as computer and internet usage whenever I want.  Yeah, I’m having trouble staying on track with that.  Last week I was reading a blog post that said the key to one guy’s success was priorities.  He decided each day one thing that HAD to get done that day and forced himself to get at least that one thing done.  I tried that and it worked for a few days.  Then we pulled in and I got distracted and forgot.  I think it’s time for me to remember and set my priority again.  I made one goal for work (usually studying for my certification for a set time) and one goal for work.  I need to get back to that.

I had thought about creating another business topic this week.  (I would say blog but I was going to start with socail media before starting the blog)   I had thought to start a fan page to encourage me to work out daily.  I need to pass the run in early November and need to cut minutes off my time in order to do so.  I had thought that a daily comment on what I do would help me do things daily.  If I combined it with reviews of what I’ve used, I may even make money off the endeavor.  However, it came to my attention that my motivation level is pretty low and adding a daily post or more, plus the time to write reviews would be another distraction from the blogs I already have trouble maintaining.  Therefore I will post any milestones I need to tell people about here or on one of my fan pages I already have and turn any reviews I write into articles.  No one expecting any deadlines means less stress on me and that my goal stays a hobby instead of another stressful duty.  I do look forward to turning my research into weight loss and healthy living as well as runner’s tips into articles when I have the time so stay tuned for those to be announced.

I did manage to write the first post on General Halleck today.  This post is about his resume before the Civil War when his men called him Old Brains.  He should have been an adviser rather than a General In Chief but he made an awesome Chief of Staff, which I’ll talk about next week.  History may view him as a joke of a soldier but his organization abilities allowed General Grant to be out on the field leading the men rather than dealing with politics or supply issues in Washington like the previous generals had to.

It’s getting late now and I picked up a magazine of things to do with clay.  I want to try something before I go to bed and I hope it turns out like I want.  I hope you all have a delightful week.  I’ll talk to you again soon.

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