Unfortunately the internet has been down all week, or extremely restricted and will be down all weekend as well, so I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything on my blogs besides this update.  I finally finished the book I’ve been reviewing on my writing blog for the last few months.  I’m working on the last few blog posts for it and a review article for the book and hope to have something up on my writing blog next weekend.

I’m also enjoying resaerching General Halleck, a union General-In-Chief Lincoln refered to as “little better than a first-class clerk”.  He was a genius on paper but had no ability to control his subordinates.

My work certification is finally getting started.  I got five walkthroughs done this week, which leaves 11 to go before the oral board infront of ten experts on ship.  I’m glad I finally found the motivation to get started.

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