This week has been rater productive, at least compared to other weeks lately.  I posted a blog post on my civil war blog about Philip Kearny, a man who loved battle and war but quickly got restless without fighting.  He died during the Civil War and his legend is that of a valiant fighter, not the restless soldier that wanted to marry a society daughter while still married but separated from a high ranking soldiers sister.  His legend is inspiring but his personality was demanding of anyone who actually knew him.

I also finished typing up the series I’m on at the moment on my blog for those starting a business online.  The current series goes through the beginning of September on how to create the foundation you need for a successful online business.  Now I have time to read a book on branding online to redo that part of my various blogs and shops.  I’ll take notes as I read and type those into my next series on Lydr’s Thoughts.


I finally got the names for my first fiction series decided.   I’m still working on creating the world and story lines but I put a background scene on my Li’l B’s Works blog since I have it in my head.  The series, starting on my Lydia’s Magical Kingdom blog in December, will be a “journal” of a girl and the story of her brother through a Court Season as they set about revenge on a man that ruined their lives.  I’m enjoying creating their world and their stories as well as practicing a few techniques in writing and storytelling.

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