My American civil war blog this weekend will be about Samuel Colt.  He designed the Colt revolver which was a very popular and common weapon during the American Civil War and the American wars after 1800.  The main factory was in New Jersey which is my subject for a few weeks.  I was worried about finding any information on New Jersey’s contributions to the war since Wikipedia basically said it was the only free state to never vote for Lincoln and they sent a lot of soldiers for that state.  However, a little bit of digging got me a few topics to discuss, including the Colt factory and products which I will write about today(Japan time).

This week’s post on My Ramblings is about a different type of vending machines: cigarette vending machines.  I find it unusual but I pass one on my way to work everyday and have seen others around.  They aren’t quite as common as the drink vending machines I spoke of last week but they are rather common, at least where I live.

My craft blog this weekend shows that I finally finished all those “Easter lilies” I started folding in the spring.  It was interesting how much of a pattern I got into as I folded them and decided to add more to my little bundle.  Once I got through the first few origami flowers it wasn’t hard to make a few more.

My writing blog for this week will also be published today (Japan time) and will be a descriptive scene of what I see and feel while sitting on one of my ship’s bridge wings at sunrise.

My online business blog, Lydr’s Thoughts, started a month-long series on how to start a business online.  I plan to go from the idea to the completion of the website before I start another series on branding.  It’s a part of online business that I’m horrible on and I plan to write my thoughts and tips as I read a few books on the topic.

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