I’ve been wondering for a while now what to do with this blog.  As you can see, I have only put 4 posts here in the months since I launched this website.  That is because I have too many blogs on the web to keep them all for business.  Therefore, I decided that this blog will be a weekly summary of my other blogs so family and friends can decide if they want to read which blog posts or articles I write each week.  It will also help me keep everything straight as I go through my week.  It’s hard work keeping up with everything as well as having a 50 hour plus a week job and studying for the major certification (ESWAS) that I need to get by the end of the year.  I’m hoping to get most of my current blogs written through August so I can use the month to focus on my ESWAS, get it done, and start writing the story for LMK.com which I plan to turn into a fiction blog with the story starting in December.


My American civil war blog this week finished up the series I wrote about Robert E. Lee.  This was his post-war years as the president of Washington College which was renamed Washington and Lee University.  I found it interesting that two of his horses were buried at the college with his family and did some digging.  I wrote an article about his five horses here.


Last week I launched my new website for Li’l B’s Ramblings with the story of my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland along with a Flickr photo set of the trip.  I like the WordPress template better than the old Blogger template since I can add more pictures directly into the reading post instead of having five or six photos clustered at the top and having my own site means that there is a wider posting area to tell longer stories.  Yesterday I posted about a huge part of daily life here in Japan: the drink vending machines that are everywhere.


My craft blog this week shows my clay mermaid which I finally finished.  I’ve been staring at her for months saying I’ll get her finished and although I know she isn’t professional, I think she turned out well for being my first sculpture and my first time using acrylic paint.  (The picture doesn’t look to bad but cameras can hide a lot of imperfections, like the huge crack in the rock from the drying clay.)  Next month I’ll be focusing on learning origami and I’ll look for an artist in origami that will answer my questions for an interview post.


I opened a Cafepress store this last week.  I have two pictures I took in Australia on the way up to Kuranda that can be bought on various products.  One image, Australian Waterfall, was taken out the train window on a small waterfall we passed while the other one was taken of the hills (does Australia have mountains or was it just steppes?) from our ride down the mountain in a small glass basket.


My writing blog is starting a new series, of sorts.  Starting next weekend I will try to post a scene a week of some sort.  Next weekend it will be a descriptive scene from one of the bridge wings on my ship at sunrise one morning to help me learn to be more descriptive.  Other weeks it could be a flash fiction scene probably written in a half hour sometime during the week or a scene designed to teach me a skill such as emotion in writing or dialogue (which I’m horrible at).  I’m sick of having a blog for my writing that I’ve barely touched in over a year.  In fact, I’ve written no fiction besides story ideas in over a year.  It’s time to get back into it.


I updated the images in my jewelry store on Etsy as well as adjusting the descriptions I made.  I have a few ideas for new necklaces and earrings as well.  However, my store will be closely linked with my fictional story on LMK.com which won’t be starting until December so I don’t plan to add a lot of pieces until November.  I do have a few possibilities for things to go up in September but I’m still working on those.


My Writer’s Journey blog has been going through the book Power of Myth lately and this week’s summary of the fourth chapter talked about how mythology evolved as cultures interacted with each other.


LydiasMagicalKingdom.com (LMK.com from now on) started out as a blog for my jewelry but as you may have noticed, I haven’t created too many pieces of jewelry.  In fact, I haven’t added anything new to my store since I opened it in January.  So, what could I do to give me more ideas for jewelry and magical creature creations (I’ve wanted to create sculptures for a while) that would have a story behind it?  I decided to create my own land, an island where fairies, humans, and dragons can play with any number of creatures from myth and ancient lore for me to depict.  So far I have a lot of general ideas and a basic plot line.  I’m still working on names, setting, background, culture, and story lines but I’m looking forward to creating this world to tell in blog form starting in December with a story of revenge set in a Regency-like court.