Big changes are coming to my various blogs.  I’m going through all my current projects and creating business plans for each.  I’m nearly halfway done with my major certification in my job and I still hope to be done with it by the middle of June.  Once that is done I’ll be redoing at least one of my blogs and publishing an e-book.  I hate to wait to start my new ideas but I need to plan things out ahead of time before starting and getting confused halfway through my projects. I’ve learned that if I don’t have a plan ahead of time, it’s easy to lose motivation under what seems to be a lot of planning.   Besides, I have so many projects started already that I need to get at least one thing (the certification) finished before starting another project.  Jotting down my ideas now while I finish my certification allows me to brainstorm now and tweak my plan for new projects later.  Then I have a better idea of what direction I want to take when I have the time to commit to a new project.  I have so many blogs going right now that I’m having trouble keeping them all up to date while working on my job.  I started them all on a whim without planning them out and now can’t keep them going along with my certification.  That’s why I’m taking a short break from most of my blogs to create business plans and get this huge certification off my to-do list.  I’ve learned that business plans, or at least some sort of long term direction, should be done before every new project is started.  If you already have projects in the works, it is never to late to create or tweak your plans again.

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